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  • Who is eligible for this opportunity?
    Whether you're an established entrepreneur with a client base, a visionary new founder with an innovative idea, an individual with limited initial capital, or someone looking to build from scratch, we welcome participants from all industries. Our rigorous assessment process ensures that each entrepreneur's business concept holds potential for success.
  • How much money do I need to start?
    For online businesses, you may be required to cover small one-time or recurring expenses. Our core mission is to enable you to start with minimal investment. With the right guidance, anyone can initiate an online business. For offline businesses, clients will be responsible for all costs associated with launching a physical business.
  • How do we pay for your services?
    You have two payment options available: you can opt for monthly payments for our services, or we can take a modest percentage of your company's profits (with the understanding that if you don't earn, we don't earn). By choosing the latter option, you won't need to provide us with a fixed salary, ensuring our ongoing commitment and availability to support your company.
  • Do you offer company trainings?
    Indeed, our company provides comprehensive training programs across various domains, encompassing psychology, cybersecurity awareness, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and many other topics. Please share your specific requirements, and we'll handle the rest, tailoring a program to suit your needs.
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