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Cyber Services

Here is a list of our highly utilized services. If you require additional services not listed here, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience. 

Consulting Services

Consult with us today to see what service(s) your business requires. 

Risk Management

Identify and prioritize the probability of risks in order to minimize threats.

Network Security

Prevent and monitors unauthorized access to the computer network. 

Data Protection

Proper Data Protection ensures your important information is safe and secure.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying the vulnerabilities are present in your systems and propose appropriate solutions. 

Cloud Solutions

Creates on demand availability of data storage and systems. 

Data Analytics

Helps with discovery and patterns in data.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Process of detecting cyber threats for risk management. 

Ethical Hacking

Evaluates the security of systems and networks with an unauthorized access.

IOT Services

Services for connection or data issues.

Penetration Testing

Evaluates the security of systems and networks with an authorized access approval. 

Cybersecurity Training Material

Provides training material to teach beneficial techniques to protect employee and company data. 

Compliance Solutions

Compliance to meet regulatory requirements.

Help Desk Support

To be there to offset your current help desk team or start a new one.

What Our Clients Say

Ariane S.

"I've had the pleasure of working with SEOmerica, Inc to learn about Cybersecurity techniques and how to prevent getting my computer compromised from malicious emails and websites. With this knowledge, I feel better equipped when going through my personal and business emails. 
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